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increase in confidence after our baseline kidney health course


95.5 usability score based on validated SUS measure


initial learning with a one-week retention score of 91%

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We are here when you need us most

From lab values to grocery lists, IKONA has tools to help you learn what's on your mind or find experts ready to help.

We connect you with the best info

We match you with the best information to meet your needs. This includes 200+ guides from 40 top organizations & sources.

We help track your learning progress

Finding, learning and using health info are the core components of health literacy. IKONA's mission is to bring you closer to your health goals by building health literacy.

We enable your personalized journey

Our platform exists to bring people together. Patients, families, care partners and care teams. When you need support, we have a program or expert ready for you.

No more endless searches, we've done it for you

We spent countless hours finding hundreds of the best online resources so you don't have to. Save yourself the time and energy of endless searching.

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We made it easier for you to find exactly what you're looking for, with filters by topic, source, and format.

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You can vote for your top resources and see what others find most helpful. Your vote makes it easier for others to find exactly what they need, too.

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Patient Provider Care Partner Family
What members are saying
Patient Provider Care Partner Family
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