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IKONA is a powerful learning platform built specifically for people navigating kidney disease, including patients, families, care partners and care teams. IKONA's curated resource library, science-based lessons and personalized support help people save time and feel more confident managing their day to day kidney health. There are three key steps people must go through in order to take control of their health: 1. Finding relevant information they can trust 2. Asking questions based on their personal needs and goals 3. Making decisions based on their understanding and confidence from the first two steps It's far too easy to run into barriers at each one of these stages, but most people do! Instead of spending hours searching online for information or struggling to understand another PDF or handout, IKONA was designed to help you easily find and learn what you need based on your goals, and to support your ongoing learning as things come up along your care journey.

We are a team of patients, nurses, doctors, patient advocates, kidney care experts, learning scientists and storytellers. We built this tool based on our experiences, because this would have helped us at some point in our lives. We are aligned on our common mission to deliver measurable learning experiences for millions of people, and we're excited to support you every step of the way.

We know people are tired of waiting months for answers to basic health questions. People managing their kidney health face all kinds of decisions on a daily basis and struggle to find and learn the information they need to stay healthy. They might ask questions at their doctor's visit every few months (if they can remember their questions or how to word it), or they spend hours online in search enginges and social groups looking for answers. IKONA is the solution built to simplify your learning experience, from finding the information you need to learning (and remembering) the knowledge that will help you along the way. We are here to help you find and learn health information faster, then help you keep track your learning progress and questions throughout your care journey.

You will get access to our full library of resources, questions and lessons. ✅ 300+ Top Resources ✅ 50 Trusted Sources ✅ 40 Kidney Health Topics ✅ 500+ Community FAQs ✅ 30 Lessons and Courses ✅ Community Hub Access ✅ Virtual Group Sessions Our content library is always growing. We are constantly adding new content based on your feedback.

It's a simple 3-step process. 1. Sign up for your IKONA account 2. Take your baseline test; this helps us get to know you and begin personalizing your learning experience based on your needs 3. Find, save, ask, and learn what you need, when you need it most. We designed IKONA as an anytime tool, so you can find the right information at the right time, whether you are preparing for your next visit or something comes up. No more endless searching and frustration, it's time you had a way to learn that works for you, based on your personal goals.

Though we offer lots of free resources (like our webinars, learning hub and newsletters), our paid plan is where users get the most out of IKONA. Please check our pricing section for the latest updates and membership rates.

Yes, of course! We want you to be happy with your experience using IKONA. You can cancel your membership at any time. We will follow up with you at the end of your billing cycle to see if you'd like to continue and how we can best serve you going forward.

Yes, please do! We're always looking for new resources and plan to grow our database every month. If you know of a resource we should add, we'd love to hear it - please let us know using the tools in our Resources section.

Yes, please do! Chances are someone else using the platform will benefit from knowing the answer to your question, so we encourage you to submit what's on your mind. Our members have the ability to ask questions that are reviewed and answered by our team of clinical experts.